Why Aren't Your Video Ads Getting The Right Results For Your Brand?

The age of showing a man wading through a river in the rockies while he casts out a line on a brisk summer evening while enjoying an ice cold, brewed in the rockies, Coors Beer are over...okay, well maybe not over but we are going to start seeing this form of advertising transition from high dollar staged productions to the real life experience.

Fort wayne facebook advertisers

With social media taking the world by storm, we've found ourselves in a new age of digital marketing. Now I understand there will always be a platform for big box brands to continue advertising their products in such a way described above. Let's face it, it's been an effective mode of branding their products for years. However, the backbone of this branding strategy is still experience driven. If you're anything like me, you associate brands with experiences which ultimately evoke feelings.

When you buy a new Apple product you feel sleek, when you buy a Columbia fleece you feel like exploring outdoors, when you buy a new pair of Nike shoes you feel like heading to the gym...Obviously these feelings are in part associated with the advertisements we've been exposed to by these brands. However, the problem with this traditional form of advertising is it's being pushed on a large scale but let's face it, these ads are in one way or another a shot in the dark.

Let's jump ahead to the present and look deeper into social media. As a creative, I have my camera with me just about everywhere I go. I enjoy documenting my experiences through photo and video and then uploading those visual memories to Facebook and Instagram to share with my friends and family. I don't have the largest social following but i'm followed by the people who matter to me, which is key. I don't login to a Facebook account where none of my family or friends are and upload my experiences because why would these people care?

This is the same as brands creating 1 big audacious ad for 1 huge audience and expecting the people who matter to interact with it, like the Coors Beer example I mentioned earlier.

fort wayne facebook advertisers

If you've ever ran a Facebook ad you're aware of the immense options presented when it comes to targeting your ideal audience for your ad. This is a haven for creatives like myself. As creative director at Lofthouse, i'm constantly trying to marry creative content with strategy and analytics. Most clients will approach me with an idea in their mind at what they're looking for in an ad but they're thinking in terms of 1 ad, 1 really cool video to get their brands message across. When they should be considering how we could allocate their marketing dollars for more content aimed at smaller niche audiences within their target audience.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this matter!

About The Author

Brandon started his advertising career in Fort Wayne, IN as Creative Director and Co-Founder of Lofthouse Films. His career in advertising began as a content creator specializing in high quality video, but since then his focus has transitioned into analyzing social media trends and marrying creative video content with digital strategy. With Lofthouse, Brandon has taken on projects with clients such as Matilda Jane Clothing, Master Spas, Sandler-Wilcox, Ottenweller Company, PTR, Kekionga Cider Company, Trubble Brewing, HT2 and more.

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