Say Hello to Subscription Video Ads

Every day, half a BILLION people are watching video on Facebook. Chances are if you look around you will see someone deeply engaged in a video on their mobile device. The online world we are building will be a watch first read second environment. For the first time in history companies have the opportunity to put their brand in the palm of their customer's hand anytime and anywhere. Brands have the ability to shift their messages, calls to action and branded content in real time. The days of estimated reach, clipping coupons, and boring static ads are coming to an end.

If you've followed our brand for some time you have probably noticed the emphasis we put on social video in 2017. Over the past few years we've noticed the advertising industry shifting away from traditional ad space such as TV spots, newspaper classifieds, magazine ads, billboards, etc. The reason behind this shift is simple, advertisers such as ourselves want to present our client's brands where their customers actually are.

When we first formed Lofthouse we believed we could provide video content to businesses of all sizes. We noticed the majority of businesses taking advantage of video were the more established larger brands who had the budget to create such content. Over the next few years we forced ourselves to work with clients unrestricted of industry or scale. We believed it was crucial to understand the inner workings and budgets of all businesses in order to best serve our market. What we have found was quite interesting...

To no surprise, a majority of our work came from larger brands with healthy advertising budgets. We have made a living carefully crafting company overviews and TV spots. However, these projects will often run in conjunction with other agencies marketing campaigns or were used for internal purposes and trade shows, a luxury not all businesses can afford. These products were highly effective in accomplishing their goal but what really caught our attention was the amount of smaller brands reaching out to us for similar content.

Unfortunately, many of the smaller local brands couldn't afford our high end video packages and we had to reduce the scope of work or simply explain they didn't fit our current business model. This was a complete bummer for us as we believed any business should have the opportunity to use our services. So in 2017 we started experimenting with packages catered to businesses of all sizes. This experimental period went exceptionally well so we have decided to open up these packages to everyone. Whether you run a ma and pa restaurant or you're in charge of marketing for a nationwide company, these packages are for you.

Now understand, the content associated with these packages are not the typical videos you're accustomed to seeing us produce (which we still do). This content is 100% geared towards social media ads. Think short and sweet (5-15 second clips) but able to show your audience exactly what you do, sell or offer. Whether that be slow motion clips of BBQ dripping from chicken wings, short testimonials from satisfied clients, local beer being poured with a healthy head, a PSA or something entirely off the wall; all of these are offered with our subscription video packages.

The typical client experience will look something like this:

Step 1: Choose a package

Step 2: Determine your objective (coupons redeemed, web visitors, exposure, sign ups, new likes, etc)

Step 3: We come by your business every quarter and produce content

Step 4: Determine your audience or let us find it for you

Step 5: The social video ads go live

Step 6: We provide monthly and lifetime detailed analytics

Step 7: Change CTA, content, audiences, or increase your budget for next month

Step 8: Repeat

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of advertising. We believe we can help all of us succeed which is why we are offering these packages to everyone. If you would like more clarification or want to get started on your social video journey, head over to our consultation tab and book a time to meet us or simply contact us from the forms on our website.

Let's change the way we advertise in 2018!

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