"How it's Made" Styled Local TV Commercial

I'm not afraid to admit watching the TV show "How it's Made" is a guilty pleasure of mine, in fact, I've binge watched nearly every episode. So naturally when we were approached by the Local Hot Tub manufacturer, Master Spas, my mind raced back to when they were featured on the show in 2010.

Oddly enough, a burden faced by Master Spas was informing the local community that they are one of the world's leading hot tub & swim spa manufacturers and they're located right here in Fort Wayne.

So how could this burden be addressed?

Their answer was to air a "How it's Made" styled commercial on local television, which is where we came in to the picture.

We spent 2 days on the factory floor filming everything from conception to the finished packaged product. After the filming concluded, we then spent the next 2 weeks carefully selecting the most impactful clips and cutting over 5 hours of footage into 15 and 30 second commercials.

The commercial then aired for the next month as a means of bringing awareness locally and also to promote the upcoming home and garden show where they sell products direct.

All in all, it was a great experience for all of us at Lofthouse and we look forward to keep helping Fort Wayne businesses succeed.

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