Does Travel Boost Creativity?

Does travel boost creativity? As someone who identifies as a "creative" I often find myself coming home from trips with a temporary heightened sense of creativity. Whether it's fresh air or just the feeling of freedom when out in nature, I personally view the Rocky Mountains as my rescue inhaler from falling victim of creativity block. Upon returning from my most recent visit, I decided it was time to dig a little deeper into this thought.

Here's what I found...

In one Indiana University study (sorry Purdue fans), participants were asked to solve a series of puzzles. The group that was told the puzzles came from Cali (instead of being basic puzzles manufactured in Indiana for the University) displayed a higher sense of creative thinking when coming up with solutions and were more likely to solve the problems. This study suggests the thought of abroad lands alone can impact how we find solutions to problems. Although this insight is helpful it didn't entirely sum up a victory for a correlation between travel and creativity. However, upon further research I stumbled across a study that brought more anecdotal evidence to the table.

In research published by the American Psychological Association, Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School, proves that people who have lived abroad in their lifetime have tendencies to be more creative. However, it didn't stop there. Galinsky also found that the more countries in which someone has lived, the higher the degree of their creativity.

His studies proved to be particularly true in the fashion world; Galinsky studied creative directors from 270 of the world’s top fashion houses and found those who had spent increased time abroad created more innovative and consistently creative fashion lines.

While my work in the fashion world stops at designing graphic tees, I feel this study provides some solid ground across the board for the theory to stand on....

Stay tuned next week when I examine the correlation between influencer marketing and brands attempting to sculpt consumer buying behaviors by making their products marketable to individuals with "creative" mindsets.

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Brandon started his advertising career in Fort Wayne, IN as Creative Director and Co-Founder of Lofthouse Films. His career in advertising began as a content creator specializing in high quality video, but since then his focus has transitioned into analyzing social media trends and marrying creative video content with digital strategy. With Lofthouse, Brandon has taken on projects with clients such as Matilda Jane Clothing, Master Spas, Sandler-Wilcox, Ottenweller Company, PTR, Kekionga Cider Company, Trubble Brewing, HT2 and more.

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