title. Kekionga Cider Company

date. 2017, 2018

city. Fort Wayne. IN

When we heard Kekionga Cider Co. was opening in Fort Wayne we jumped at the opportunity to help get their social media channels off the ground. From our previous experiences, we knew showcasing their location and brand on video would explode their presence on social media and we were right. To get the partnership kicked off, we produced a short video to give viewers a glimpse of their operation. With a small investment, we ran a facebook ad campaign with 1 goal in mind, go mini-viral in Fort Wayne and we did just that! Our initial campaign generated over 75k views, 1.1k+ post shares, 1k+ reactions and over 1k page likes. 

Our 2nd campaign was created to showcase their nearly 100 year old apple press, which is a thing of beauty, we highly recommend checking it out yourself. This campaign also generated great results and aided in sculpting the company's image. If you find yourself in Fort Wayne, visiting Kekionga Cider Company is an absolute must!