title. Hanna Nuttman Park Capital Campaign

date. 2018

city. Decatur, IN

The City of Decatur, IN, approached us looking to create the image, message and overall feel of the Hanna Nuttman Park Capital Campaign. They knew it would be essential to have the campaign centered around content that would inspire residents to support this project. When we sat down as a team we believed the best way to reach the residents of Decatur would be through social media channels. We put our primary focus on social, knowing we could target a majority of residents. To begin, we created a new logo and tagline for the park that would instantly allow residents to know what the park was primarily used for. Next, we re-developed the proposed park rendering to make it match the image we were sculpting for the campaign and placed it on postcards and information boards that are displayed across the city of Decatur. In addition, we designed banners to be hung downtown above 2nd street and smaller banners to be hung on the fences at the current ballparks. After completing the printed materials, we transitioned our focus online and developed a marketing website and social pages. Understanding Hanna Nuttman Park has had a long history with Decatur residents we revolved the entire message of the campaign to reflect all the great memories that have been made at the park throughout the years. We compiled hours of home video footage, newspaper clippings and family photos which we then used for Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns and in a series of video campaigns we created (see main video below). The campaign goal is to raise $1 million by the end of 2018. If you would like to make a donation, please visit hannanuttmanpark.com.